Water supply

Socially responsible planning ensures the effective, rational and safe use of water for all users in the basin, not just today but in the future.

thousands ha public irrigation system projects
mil. m3 area for storage reservoirs
km planned pressure pipeline

Water management actually includes water used for various purposes. Our company has, through its activities, participated in a series of complex projects which include integrated water management at various river basins. Consequently, foundations have been set to implement the measures necessary to maintain a stable relationship between water supply and demand.

Good water management includes balancing various, often opposing, interests of potential users (drinking water, agriculture, maritime transport, energy). Though these interests may seem incompatible at first, they are very often based on common values: fair distribution and security.

Another important challenge facing the professional community today is the response to extreme changes in water resources caused by climate changes. The contribution of our experts is based on their knowledge and readiness to find optimal solutions through a comprehensive approach and interpersonal close collaboration, all the while combining field experience with know-how and skills in simulating water processes in nature using mathematical models.

Our company, using experience and know-how, can ensure support to investors in the water sector anywhere in the world. This, in particular, relates to the preparation of more complex investment projects — from the initial stage of the project, over the development, to the establishment of multipurpose hydrotechnical systems, drinking water supply systems, irrigation systems, hydro-melioration systems, waterways and hydro-energy plants.

The experience we have – especially in regard to preparing the projects financed by EU funds or loans from various institutions – might prove to be indispensable when registering a project for co-financing. We offer complete support throughout the entire cycle of project implementation: from the feasibility phase, detail technical documentation, construction permits, environmental assessment, tender documentation for contracting works, professional supervision during realization of projects.

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