Environmental protection

Achieving a higher level of awareness regarding the uniqueness of man and nature is the only path to the future acceptable for the coming generations.

The fact is that the construction industry is inseparable from the environment because one builds within the environment and thus changes and influences it. The effects of construction projects on the environment are, in principle, long-term, and they can be particularly pronounced when a facility is connected to water and water resources because water ecosystems are especially sensitive to changes. Given that the water ecosystem is the basis of sustainable life on the planet, inadequate impact analysis and failure to take appropriate measures might lead to unforeseeable damages.

Therefore, we – as the initial participants in the process which begins with conceiving of an idea and finishes with the implementation of a project – feel a particular responsibility in the process of developing the design in which we are acutely aware of the need to preserve natural values and the environment. To optimize technical solutions, which are to conform to sustainable development, we apply an interdisciplinary approach that values best practices not only in technical aspects but ecological ones as well. Well aware that there is no exclusivity of professions or simplicity of solutions, the classical approach to design and assessing project feasibility is abandoned, and every solution is evaluated against a set of project criteria and goals, along with the criterion for the preservation of the environment looms large.

Conscious of the importance of this complex approach to design, which includes an evaluation of the project’s impact on the environment and the identification of measures for mitigating or eliminating such impacts on the overall ecosystem, the possible impact threshold is estimated by measuring the cumulative impact of other projects in the area, in addition to the projection of these impacts performed over a long period of time, all the while taking into account the continuous natural changes to the ecosystem.

Accordingly, our services also include consultancy services which provide answers to questions and dilemmas by drawing up documentation (environmental impact studies, environmental protection report, etc.) in the form stipulated by actual legal regulations and participating in the execution of administrative procedures.

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