Floodplain management

Openly accepting contemporary discoveries on climate change is key to finding efficient long-term solutions.

embankment projects
thousands km2 catchment area
m3 capacity of retention basins

A number of high-flow events and their frequency of occurrence in the last 20 years indicate an increased risk of flooding in a large part of Croatia. These extreme phenomena exhibit characteristics that require additional caution and point to certain changes that are underway. There is a pressing need to come up with effective solutions to reduce the potentially unfavourable consequences for people and property.

These events might be related to the unfavourable trends related to the climate or possibly climate change, hence, the expectation is that unfavourable hydrological trends will continue and intensify.

Therefore, effective flood control in recent times has assumed an increasingly important position on the scale of measures implicit in the fight against potential catastrophes throughout the world, as well as in Croatia. Given the frequency of phenomena affecting extremely large bodies of water across the entire state territory, water management in Croatia faces a big challenge. Thus, there is a need to advance the current flood protection system and to preserve available natural resources.

VPB is a company that draws its roots from this area of activity, which began and grew through phases of creating and developing flood control systems in Croatia, and which has collaborated with relevant institutions in this field for decades. Our approach today to the issue of flood protection systems is cutting-edge: technical solutions are identified in line with the requirements of contemporary society and the experience of our experts from the previous periods of the company’s business has been transferred to today’s employed staff.

A heightened awareness of the need for environmental protection has led to an interdisciplinary approach in finding optimal solutions, regardless of the level of complexity, without excluding simple systems and facilities for flood control.

The fact is that we have at our disposal significant knowledge and abilities to apply comprehensive technical solutions which favour social welfare. Accordingly, an interdisciplinary approach seeks and finds solutions that comply with sustainable development principles and thereby, achieves positive social and environmental effects.

Whenever possible, our solutions aspire towards complying with natural processes and values, through means of green infrastructure.

Accordingly, consultancy services cover areas related to assessing the risk of floods, optimizing solutions for entire systems that protect against the adverse effects of water, drawing up  technical documentation for infrastructural facilities (embankments, retention basins, channels, weirs, etc.) as well as preparing and drawing up a range of other documents relating to this fundamental area of activity.

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