History of the company

Vodoprivredno-projektni biro d.d. has been operating under this name for 25 years (since 31 December 1993). Its origins date back to the middle of the last century with the founding of the company Lonjsko polje in 1958. The aim placed before the company was the development and realization of large, ambitious projects for the regulation of rivers and development of water reclamation systems. Planning and designing hydro-technical projects was the company’s core business, and the company employed highly experienced construction and geodetic experts who, in various phases of our company, participated in its work and development, creating a work environment which has fostered the training of young workers into satisfied professionals, ready to accept any challenge by utilizing knowledge and technologies, based upon which foundations this company lies.

The company has changed its institutional form, though retaining a continuous business activity in preparing survey maps and design work through a formal organization framework. Since its foundation to this day, the company has gone through various forms of organization, from the Directorate for the Sava River through General Water Management Company and Water Management Working Organization to  Hrvatska vodoprivreda (Croatian Water Management) founded during the time when Croatia gained its independence. Finally, the separation of the Vodoprivredno-projekni biro from previous organisational frameworks on 31 December 1993 meant that our business acquired an organizational form which still operates today, inheriting unique projects and experience.

In all the organizational changes, preparing and drawing up survey maps, design activities and other professional aspects of work have been an important aspect in achieving planned measures and projects related to the protection against adverse effects of water.

Social changes and the environment in which the company operates have led to VPB becoming a modern company, highly specialised for preparing geodetic surveys and drawing up studies and design documentation relating to water management systems and water control structures, with a special emphasis on the protection against the harmful effects of water as well as adapting to always-present changes.

Given the dynamics of change during the last 20 years, along with the increasing emphasis on market demands, the company also directed its focus onto other activities related to water, sanitary hydroengineering and  waterways, whereas environmental protection in the sense of estimating the impact of planned projects on the environment, especially in regard to flood control structures and systems, was recognised very early on as an area of special interest.

Investing in knowledge and work resources and tracking and adopting changes, as well as new discoveries in professional and scientific fields, not just in Croatia but abroad, have directed the company towards seeking unique and optimal solutions in projects which we approach with special attention, keeping in mind our inextricable link with the environment and environmental legacy that we will leave to future generations.

Investing in knowledge and work resources, tracking and adopting changes as well as new discoveries in professional and scientific fields, not just in Croatia but abroad, has directed the company towards seeking unique, optimal solutions in projects which we approach with special attention, conscious that they are part of the environment and may significantly impact the environment and the environment which we will leave to generations after us.

Our approach


  • We are proud of our employees who are ready to meet any challenge by seeking new, better quality solutions, whilst using the most modern technologies and know-how.
  • Investing in individuals who are dedicated to and passionate about their projects means investing in interpersonal relationships, in relationships that lead to satisfied investors and end-users, as well as investing in projects which provide a learning opportunity for our employees.
  • Successfully meeting any challenge.

Experts, knowledge, technologies

  • Investing in individuals who view problems as challenges, while remaining open to new solutions in an innovative and creative environment and all the while supported by experienced co-workers, is seen as the backbone of forming top-quality experts.
  • Understanding the project’s role in all of its aspects, starting from technical requirements to the needs of end-users and, finally, the wellbeing of society.
  • Continuously seeking new solutions and knowledge implies tracking the development of the profession and science, researching and comparing solutions in different areas.
  • The desire for a quick and effective path to optimal solutions implies familiarity and use of new technologies.

Organizational structure

  • A clear organizational structure creates an atmosphere which fosters the creation of recognizable products in terms of content and quality. A quality management system is applied in compliance with requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Mission and vision


To respect and understand the needs of business associates, foresee any problems they might encounter, be proactive in creating relationships while developing a pleasant market environment. Create a work environment where each employee shares the same values and agrees on the direction in which the company should develop which guarantees the success of the company and its employees.


An innovative and creative approach to design and relationships leads to creating opportunities to acquire new knowledge and adopt new technologies which benefit each stakeholder within and outside the company.

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